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MagnaColours MagnaPrint Discharge - AB AW System Blending White MagnaColours MagnaPrint Discharge - AB AW System Blending White

Bright ZFS Discharge System

MagnaPrint® Discharge AB AW range together with Activator AB is a conventional ZFS based discharge system which gives excellent results, brilliant color development and very soft hand on dischargeable fabrics. The MagnaPrint® Discharge AB AW range may be colored with up to 6% MagnaPrint® Eco pigments.

MagnaPrint® Discharge Base AB AW - Clear discharge base for strong, bright shades.

MagnaPrint® Discharge White AB AW - Semi white discharge base for pastel shades

MagnaPrint® Discharge Super White AB AW - White discharge base for bright white shades

MagnaPrint® Discharge Activator AB AW - Discharge activator powder (suitable with MagnaPrint Discharge AB AW range only) optimal amount into the base is 6% (shelf life of bases after activation is up to 8 hours depending on room temperature.)


MagnaMix Color Software guides customers through recipe formulation for both Soft Base (MagnaPrint® FF and MagnaPrint® ND Extra) and Discharge (MagnaPrint® ULF Ultra and MagnaPrint® AB AW Ranges) to create standard color matching batches using a specially selected range of only 12 pigments.

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